stock [stäk]
[ME stocke < OE stocc, akin to Ger stock, Du stok, a stick < IE base * (s)teu-, to strike, chop > STUMP, STUB]
1. the trunk of a tree
2. Archaic
a) a tree stump
b) a wooden block or log
c) a blockhead
d) anything lacking life, motion, or feeling
e) a plant stem into which a graft is inserted
f) a plant from which cuttings are taken
3. an underground plant stem; rhizome or rootstock
4. any of a number of plants of the crucifer family, as evening stock ( Mathiola bicornis), or Virginian stock ( Malcomia maritima)
a) the first of a line of descent; original progenitor, as of a human line, or type, as of a group of animals or plants
b) a line of descent; lineage
c) a strain, race, or other related group of animals or plants
d) an ethnic group or other major subdivision of human beings
e) a group of related languages or families of languages
6. a supporting or main part, as the handle of an implement, weapon, etc., to which the working parts are attached; specif.,
a) a bitstock or brace
b) the butt or handle of a whip, fishing rod, etc.
c) the block of a plane, in which the cutting blade is inserted
d) the frame of a plow, to which the share, handles, etc. are attached
e) the handle, usually wooden, to which the barrel of a rifle, shotgun, etc. is attached
8. [pl.] a framework; specif.,
a) a former instrument of punishment consisting of a heavy wooden frame with holes for confining the ankles and, sometimes, the wrists of an offender
b) a frame of timbers supporting a ship during construction
c) a frame in which an animal is held, as for shoeing
9. something out of which other things are made; specif.,
a) raw material
b) water in which meat, fish, etc. has been boiled, used as a base for soup or gravy
10. a specified kind of paper [heavy stock]
11. a store or supply; specif.,
a) all the animals, equipment, etc. kept and used on a farm
b) short for LIVESTOCK
c) the total amount of goods on hand in a store, etc.; inventory
d) the portion of a pack of playing cards or dominoes not dealt out but left to be drawn from
a) Archaic the part of a tally given to the creditor
b) a debt represented by a tally or tallies
c) the capital invested in a company or corporation through the buying of shares, each of which entitles the buyer to a share in the ownership and, usually, dividends, voting rights, etc.
d) the proportionate share in the ownership held by an individual stockholder
e) the shares of a particular company, industry, etc. or shares, collectively
g) Informal a part interest in something
13. a STOCK COMPANY (sense 2), or its repertoire
14. a former type of large, wide, stiff cravat
15. STOCK CAR (sense 2)
16. Obs. a stocking
1. to provide with or attach to a stock [to stock a firearm, plow, etc.]
a) to furnish (a farm) with stock or (a shop, etc.) with a stock
b) to supply with [to stock a pond with fish]
3. to keep or put in a supply of, as for sale or for future use
4. to sow (land) with grass, clover, etc.
1. to put forth new shoots: said of a plant
2. to put in a stock, or supply: often with up
1. continually kept in stock [stock sizes]
2. of the nature of something kept in stock; common, ordinary, hackneyed, or trite [a stock excuse]
3. that deals with stock [a stock boy]
4. Finance relating to stock or a stock company
a) of or having to do with a theatrical STOCK COMPANY or its repertoire
b) designating or of a character, as in a play or TV show, of a conventionalized type
6. for breeding [a stock mare]
7. of, or for the raising of, livestock [stock farming]
in stock
available for sale or use; on hand
on the stocks
being built: said of a ship, etc.
out of stock
not immediately available for sale or use; not on hand
take stock
1. to inventory the amount of stock on hand
2. to make an estimate or appraisal, as of available resources, probabilities, etc.
☆ take stock in
to have faith in, give credence to, or attribute real significance to: also put stock in

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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